("...my view of things...")

Slowly but surely the english version of my website is becoming real. Some of it is already online, the text-heavy parts will take a little longer.

Here's a short introduction:

The "words"-section is set up as blog with several categories. Depending on available time, motivating inspiration and an occasionally irresistible drive to communicate I feed them with content. Impressions, reports, spontaneous thoughts and impulsive analyses will eventually find their place there.
Articles and stories, which have already been published can be accessed via the blog, as well (mostly in the archives).

For me as a visually oriented person, words almost always form a close relationship with images. Sometimes it's an image, a picture which entices me to write, sometimes images appear while writing and help me to de-scribe better, what I wanted to say. Consequently, rarely a text without pictures.

On the other hand I find it equally fascinating to convey an impression entirely without words, using 'a' or 'the' picture, which says more than...., well, you know! In "
wdh photography" you'll find several groups of pictures. Some of them are triggered by travel or rather spontaneous visual impressions, others are the result of my continuing education as photographer with GAF43 (Group of Autodidactic "F"otographers, Zurich)

Since 2005 I've also been working - or playing - with a video-cam. Sooner or later some of this material might also make it into the photography pages. A short piece with scenes from the MWP (
Mountain Wave Project) -Mendoza expedition is here.

All this is work in progress, not only as far as the content is concerned, but also in the layout of wolfsview.com - suggestions and constructive critique is always welcome!

Enjoy !