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10/04 - 10/06: A first summary for the English speaking fans of MWP

A picture perfect beginning of MWP Operation Mendoza 2006:

Everybody arrived on time, including all suitcases, bags, laptops, cameras..

Then the weather turned bad, leaving sufficient time to get all necessary formalities out of the way and find our way around the Plumerillo Air Base of the Argentinian Air Force (FAA).
One day to move in and get everything straightened out before the TV crew arrived - on time, as well - and started its documentary.
And one morning to try on our new T-shirts, before we had to show up for the welcome address by Commodoro Mayor, the base commander, to hand over our hospitality gifts.
After that, Gerald, the camera man, swung into action and managed to persuade Rene and Klaus to squeeze themselves into MiG 21 pressure suits. The swagger with which our two heroes strolled along the apron in their gear was a view to behold!


And then, right after the oxygen system had been properly installed, the first lentis appeard over the Andes.


Our FAA liaison officer Colonel Rodolfo Hub was Klaus' first copilot on the shakedown flight. Both came back with a big grin on their faces: 7500m, enough to look down on our magic mountain, the Aconcagua.
Later that evening, the view from the tower was promising indeed.


Around 7am the next day I heard Rene mumble as he checked the weather on his laptop. A chance for waves, perhaps, but difficult to get into: suitable windspeeds were forecast above 4000m only.

It was my turn to check his forecast. At 1:40 pm Klaus hit the throttle and we were off looking for waves, and looking, and such luck. Turbulent thermals in most unllikely places, but neither the violent grip of a rotor nor the smooth touch of a wave. Our big mountain looked down on us in a rather sneering way.


Rene was next in line to fly the second sortie. Would he be able to redeem his forecast?

Starting tomorrow, it is supposed to be calm and hot. An appropriate time to drive up into the montains and look for emergency landing fields, perhaps.

watch out here for what we found..