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We're all heroes, in the eyes, the opinion of somebody, somewhere, sometime.
No need to get excited.
After all hardly anyone of us is honoured by a monument, cut in stone, in bronze, or marble. There is no appropriate societal context for that quality of public appreciation.
Fortunately, there isn't!
Firstly, because such a context could turn rapidly and entirely unexpectedly into a "controversialtext" when the contemporary perspective changes its viewing angle.
And secondly, not every city-walk has to be a slalom around statues.

Why am I getting into this heroe-stuff?

Not because I would have been able to navigate through Buenos Aires without any use of city maps, guide books or GPS assistants, soley by relying on statues.
But rather because every now and then I'd experience an encounter with heroes a la surprise.
Encounters, depending on point of view, of rather diverse quality.