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That's it, friends....

"That's it, friends!" these words usually mean "the party is over", "no more encore's", or "last drinks.."
Using them here, in a post under the category of "photos of the week", which usually anounces the recent upload of new pictures, they appear to translate to finito, basta, nada mas, ie the end of "potw" is here. Especially, when the most recent photos date back to mid October.

It doesn't have to be that "bad".

My lapse in posting didn't have anything to do with a paralysed trigger-finger nor any possibly more incapacitating defect of my psycho-physical system. And my antique (in the digital time frame) camera, the trusty old D70, still keeps clicking away merrily.

My thoughts simply circle more and more around the new design - and content - of the next version of "Wolfsview". And with all the other things on my to do list there isn't much energy left for the old stuff.
Doesn't matter, I tell myself, there isn't much resonance, much feedback anyway; neither in the comments nor in separate emails. Not a lot of disappointment either, I guess, over my dropping it.

It was a recent podcast from a different domain of the websphere which gave me second thoughts: I might well be wrong! There could be more lurkers silently enjoying the photos of the week than I imagined.
And to drive the point home, within hours I received a note from an old friend asking for the publishing date of the next badge of pictures.... (thanks, Karl-Ernst)

Naturally, this created a bit of fresh motivation.
To get over the hump, I need additional boost, however.

And that, my friends, is where you come in.


Just click NOW - NOW - NOW >>>> HERE - HERE - HERE


to vote for the continuation of photos of the week !

That's all!

Should you want to add a little more bang to your click: go to any photo and leave a comment, a remark; critique and request will be taken seriously.
As reward you get the link to the latest photo ....

Should I get 30 or more Go's by Dec 13 I'll keep potw going!

CLICK !!! NOW !!!

PS: like all posts in this category this one here will also have a link to a new page in photos of the week, as ultimate lure to take action and vote...