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The Innerworld of the Outerworld..

..that's enough. I skip the next step ("..of the Innerworld", which is an essential part of the title of a book by Austrian author Peter Handke)

Here I'm talking about what's happening - or not - on a sunday afternoon in a town close to the political center of the province.
Political center, because geographically the capital Neuquen of the province Neuquen sits right at the eastern edge of the province (and San Martin de los Andes at its western edge). However, together with its neighbouring town of Cipolletti, Neuquen contributes about 75% to the population of the province.

Similar to Minneapolis-St.Paul in Minnesota.

Every other week friends in Cipolletti organize a "Feria", something like a combination of yard- and art-sale, and recently they had invited me to one of their events.
Therefore, I spent many hours in the Innerworld of an old Bodega and a few hours in the Outerworld of Cipolletti's squares and streets.