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Back to film and fumes?

No way, Josay...

At least not for the photography I put here on "Photos of the Week".
I realized that today, once more! Just look at the photo of the panadero (he's the one who takes care of all my needs in breads and cookies, just 5 minutes by foot, 2 minutes on bike from the Baerenhaus...)
That photo is no masterpiece. It shows up in PotW simply because I was so ab-so-lu-te-ly amazed how well the digital dream-team of camera and computer managed the brutal contrast of direct sunlight and stark shadow.
Early winter - late afternoon sun, full power straight thru the window - man oh man, I thought, I hope it doesn't fry the chip.

*** ah - and as an aside: since my standard lens went finally south a couple of weeks ago, I used the ultimate manual lens in my arsenal, a 28mm f3.5 PC shift lens, with manual aperture preset and precise manual focus. And good old center-weighted metering. ***

A quick massage in photoshop was all it took.
Quite stunning. And rather unexpected, given the expert's statement that the biggest drawback of digital capture compared to good old film is its smaller dynamic range, its restricted latitude of exposure. And I can't claim to use the most modern sensor technology either - with my 'ancient' D70.

Ok, if one applies all the tricks of photo-chemistry in the fume-room, one or two stops of extra range can still be pulled from some films.

By the time my photography will show up in venues where that matters, I bet the chips have pulled even.