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back... business!
which means: "everything's cool, dude", or " no worries, mate" as Colin, my friend in the Free Republic of Boulder, would say - with a ton of Sydney nostalgia resonating with every single word... busy-ness!
which means: back in the vortex of acitivities.

Contrary to my expectations - or rather: to my fears - my mayday calls to the rapidweaver geeks and cracks met with instant empathy. I recieved solid advice how to solve the mysterious upload problem which kept me from publishing anything new.
Actually, I received even more, a lot more. Nik, the support guru of RealMacsoftware, sent me the registration code for an update to the most recent version of rapidweaver, at no cost!
"Try this, then try that. But, you know, we really don't support that version anymore. Why don't I mail you the code for an update, then you can use that with your present version of the MacOs or even the latest one, should you decide to step up"
Wow, that's what I call customer service - Thank you, Nik!

It turned out, interestingly enough, that it wasn't exclusively a problem of RW 3.5! One of the plugins I use on almost every single page, gobbled up so many bites with every photo inserted, that the site got bloated beyond believe and suffocated the 2 Gigs of RAM every time I tried an upload.
One hack-night later my site had lost half of its fat and none of its content.
And, on top of it, V 3.6 runs a lot more stable.
This much re: back in business.

Having solved the upload problem the busy-ness came back instantly. Selecting photos, running them through post processing, cropping, inserting and uploading, that part is routine.
Right now, however, I'm in Boulder, at my friend Colin's. And there, with him, his wife Cathy, his son Brendan and all their - and my - other buddies, there's always something going on. Time seems to move faster. Once there, everything which usually fits perfectly in my daily routine needs to be put in overdrive.

Here are two visual metaphors for this transition to busy-ness