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Oct 2007


Will I make it - or not?
The more I put away, the more lies around - the emptier it looks, the more I see - the more I tick off, the more pops up - the longer I work, the more remains to be done - ...

Herakles had a similar problem with the Hydra: for each head he cut off two more grew back !
For my situation, however, his story can't offer a practical solution. In a condo, scorching what's left is likely to create more problems than it solves!

promvoll_5980_400 - - - promleer_5979_400

Instead: one more trip to the dumpster, another load of "keep-it-stuff" to be taken to the studio. And in between: organize the farewell party, cancel the last subscriptions, pay the last ( don't I wish!) bills, put the last laundry in, oh, I almost forgot: pack the suitcases - but then: what do I wear when everything is either stored, packed, disposed off, given away, or in the machine, with the dry cleaners or, unfortunately, lost ?

Sounds just like the chicken and egg problem in reverse: not which was first, but what can go last...

Well, I made it, of course - else I wouldn't be able to write about it.

During the farewell party I was able to hand off most of my 'scheduled' good-bye's personally and collect all wishes for a successful launch of my Argentinian adventure.

apero_5944_400 - - - apero_5963_400

Well, and then it was time to leave.
The gods must have been smiling on me. Just when needed the appropriate angels showed up. The last one, called Andi, appeared at 6am in a Volvo to take me and 150lbs of luggage to the airport.

A last glance to the Swiss sky, which had it written all over: all tracks are heading south !


The Idea

The idea...

popped up while I was visiting old acquaintances.
Claudia and Gustavo had invited me to come down to San Martin de los Andes after our MWP (Mountain Wave Project) Expedition to Mendoza and the Aconcagua region in the fall of 2006 had ended (look for some english pages in my blog there).

Eight years ago our MWP team had stayed with them during our first ground (or "wave"..?) breaking expedition to the Argentinian Andes.

So one Friday evening about a year ago I boarded the overnight coach and rode it down south to northern Patagonia.

The spring sunshine, the scent of fresh blossoms, the cafecito in a chocolateria, after the intense weeks in Mendoza it was the laid back between-the-seasons atmosphere in San Martin, which helped me wind down in a hurry. A clear sky, wide open spaces and vistas invited eyes - and mind - to roam freely.

lago_SMA_SCB_3865_400 - - - lago_loloch_3837_400

During a chat with Claudia and her friends over one more cafe cortado, my thoughts suddenly latched onto an interesting question: how about spending a longer period of time here, at the shores of beautiful Lago Lacar? life is cheaper than back home, the scenery much more spectacular, the sky, well, much more alive. That much was obvious. But there was more: I couldn't get rid of the feeling that life here seemed to be more dynamic, offering more options. I smelled pioneer spirit, became intrigued.
A wild brainstorm kept me awake most of the following night. And the next day I saw my castle in the air, a house, in which I would have loved to live. Dios mio!

ANge_house_3847- - - Ange_house_3852_400

20 hours later I started the 50hr trek back to Switzerland. How long would
this seductive idea, to spent one year, two, or more in San Martin, survive in the daily routine and comfort of my life in Brugg?