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now that the German part of wolfsview seems to run into problems related to size and size/memory management of the software used (rapidweaver) I find time - and safe margins of size - on the English part.
Until I have solved the problems or committed to the remake of wolfsview using a different (blogging) software (wordpress most likely) I'll do some posting here.
Let's start with a link to the last entry in "photos of the week". To see the photos of other weeks you can click through sequentially. This makes for a rather entertaining experience as you never know what to expect...
If you prefer to get an overview of all the photos (thumbnails) and then select individual ones to view up close you can go to the new archives page.

Remember, however, that "photos of the week" lives on the German site, so you have to use your browser to navigate back to 'here'.

enjoy, while it lasts...